Bargain menu alert: Mamuska: £5 feast

Reporting on a bargain when and where we discover one… (because every penny counts in the big city!)

Tucked away in the (let’s be honest), not too glamourous Elephant and Castle shopping mall is Polish gem Mamuska. Despite being listed in the Lonely Planet, this bargain eatery is not jam-packed. Why? Probably because the cool Soho/East London kids are not willing to trapse all the way down to this less-spangly part of town. Which is great for Elephant and Castlers as they get to keep this prized resto all to themselves.




You know a place is good if you see people from the country eating there, and at Mamuska there is a steady flow of Polish people popping in for their beer and pile of tasty food.

Seriously pile of food. Having every dish on the menu prices at a fiver is one thing, but having a towering plate of four huge potato cakes, generously doused in pork/beef stew for that price puts this bargain into a whole other category of meal deals.


And by the way, these belly-busting meals have hangover food written all over them. So, next time your head is sore, your pockets are emptied and/or you just need a good ole fill. Avoid the 2-hour long central London queues and make a beeline for Elephant and Castle, and tuck into some of this satisfying comfort food you will find anywhere.

If you can finish we’ll give you a medal.




  1. Martin says

    Oh no. Now you’ve gone and let the cat out of the bag. We were hoping to keep it to ourselves. It seriously is good and an amazing bargain. It is styled on the communist era “milk bars” in Poland which were as unglamorous as the shopping centre but offered cheap food for students and workers. I have never been able to eat a whole plate of the pancakes. It’s usually best to order different things and share. The sides are £1 each so as a herbivore I often make up a meal of several plates.

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