Battle of the Burritos winner: Benito’s Hat

Crowned winner of our poll ‘Battle of the Burritos’ is Benito’s Hat. When people start raving about something, we want to know what the fuss is about, so we popped along to have a taste for ourselves…



We tried the Chipotle grilled chicken burrito (recommended) and the special ‘seasonal filling’ Puerco con nopales (pork to you and me). It’s slow cooked pieces of pork – and cactus! – drenched in a delicious chilli, cumin, clove, garlic and onion sauce, with a splash of orange juice. Both burritos were bursting with flavour and fillings. (The staff almost had to sit on the things to make them close).



For dessert (we could just about cram some in after that huge burrito), we had the Tres Leches cake. It certainly lived up to its name and was drenched in sweet milky sauce and accompanied with squirty cream. It was certainly a sweet treat, only let down slightly by maybe just not quite enough fresh strawberries to balance out the flavours.



Along with the laid back atmosphere, friendly staff and pocket-friendly prices, it’s not a shock to see people flocking to the little London burrito chain.

Here’s why some of you voted:

Food, decor and price – all winning!
Lamb burritos, amazing guacamole, open at weekends and great spicy salsa!
Best slow cooked pork in the city!
Huge burritos oozing with guac and a delicious rice milk drink that I can’t remember the name of!
The friendly staff, the decor but ultimately their amazing burritos!

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