JUST EAT’s Top Indian Restaurant Takeaways in London

Take the guesswork out of picking an Indian takeaway, with JUST EAT’s guide to the Top 10 Indian Restaurants in London.


1. Tiffin Tin

What sets the Tiffin Tin apart from other Indian restaurants is their attention to detail. They have made an impressive effort to distinguish themselves from the occasionally tired flavours of Indian food. Even run of the mill dishes, such as kormas and tikka masalas, have been given a refreshing twist – consider ordering from the Tiffin Tin, if only to experience incredible variations on what you’re used to from Indian cuisine.

2. Brick Lane Kitchen, Bethnal Green

East London is home to a renowned food scene, and the Brick Lane Kitchen is the perfect example. Thanks to the fickle tastes of East London’s restaurant scene, dishes avoid the common pitfalls associated with a lot of Indian food – Brick Lane Kitchen uses cream and oil very sparingly, which allows the subtleties of each dish to shine.

3. Indian Greedy Cow, Bethnal Green

Indian Greedy Cow is the sister branch of Greedy Cow, a burger restaurant. Thankfully, Indian Greedy Cow equals, or even outshines, its beefy counterpart. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the quail bhuna. If you’re not – we suggest the lamb nawabi. Either way, you’ll be impressed.

4. New Dewaniam, Brixton

Situated in South London, New Dewaniam takes their tandoori seriously – they offer 16 delectable tandoori dishes, in addition to the full complement of curry dishes. If you really want to taste the best New Dewaniam has to offer, choose the paneer shashlik or the tandoori salmon. Both are sublime.

5. Shikara , South Kensington

Shikara is a restaurant which specialises in tandoori dishes, so consider the badak (duck) tandoori or the salmon tikka; both are exceptional. Shikara delivers consistently high standards – all that one would expect given its Central London location.

6. Bombay Munch, Hackney

Situated in Dalston, Bombay Munch offers fashionable curry to match their trendy East London surroundings. But don’t mistake this for pure showiness – when it comes to the food, they offer a wide selection of traditional Indian dishes, beautifully spiced and excellently prepared.

7. Chakra, Notting Hill

If you find yourself craving the slightly more luxurious end of Indian takeaway, Chakras in Notting Hill is worthy of a visit. The crispy okra, palak paneer, and ingha naryal wali (pepper prawn curry) are all worth trying. You won’t be disappointed.

8. Olives Indian Café, West End

Right on the edge of London’s West End, Olives Indian Café cooks all their dishes in olive oil (hence the name of the restaurant), unlike the usual ghee butter. The result is a dish with a much more sophisticated palate compared to the more robust flavours offered by many Indian restaurants.

9. Indigo, Upper Holloway

An up and coming restaurant in the North London area, Indigo has quickly attracted a loyal customer base. Of particular note is their gosht khata masala is tender, juicy and perfectly marinated, and their lau gosht is well seasoned and cooked perfectly.

10. Monkeys, Wimbledon

Right in the centre of Wimbledon, Monkeys is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates quality Indian food. Come with an appetite, and treat yourself to either the indulgently sweet delhi ka honey, or the lamb achari. Neither should be missed.


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