The best Polish restaurant in London, as voted for by the Polish

We asked London-based Polish people, where do you go out to eat when you miss home?


Here’s what they said: In first place was Gessler at Daquise with 31% of the votes: “Taste of dishes. They use old Frying pans.” “Great food, great ambiance – feels like home.” “It is a siter restaurant of my favourite one in Warsaw. “The only Polish I know but a good one! Delicious food and excellent service.” In second place was Vodka and Baltica, with 23% of the votes. “Like Vodka, for interesting twists on Polish food (like pierogi with sun-dried tomatoes).” “Great decor and food.” In third place with 15% of the votes was Knaypa: “….. I do not know a Polish restaurant in London where I would say that food is excellent.” Other recommended restaurants include:

  • Londek Cafe
  • U Kucharzy
  • Patio Restaurant“Very traditional and simple Polish food.” – “Just a nice atmosphere of old, provincial Poland, although they can be too overwhelming; ambiance is, well, dated, food carries from very good to average, but no flops.”


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