The top Indian restaurant in London, (as voted for by Indians)

As Diwali  has just been celebrated, we thought it was a good time to feature Indian cuisine in our Ethnic Survey series. We asked a bunch of London-based Indians, what restaurant do you visit when you miss home? Here’s what they said…


From the people we asked, there isn’t a dominating winner, with a large spread of restaurants mentioned.

Dishoom rates top, with just over 9 per cent of the votes. Here’s some reasons why it was voted for:

“Variety of street food in a relaxed atmosphere.”

“A vintage Mumbai feel and the best VadaPav outside Mumbai.”

“The dishes especially the street food. The prices are good too.”


A close second, with almost 8 per cent of the votes is one of the UK’s oldest Indian restaurants, Punjab:

“For the Butter Chicken and the Dal Makhani, definitely the best in town.”

“Dal Makahani and the people.”


Chain Masala Zone came close behind in third position, with 6 per cent of the votes:

“Food and Ambiance.”

“Ambience, and the dishes.”

The other top rated London-based Indian restaurants are as follows:

Chor bizarre:          “Food is authentic North Indian”
Roti Chai:               “The food is authentic and the ambience is reminiscent of a Dhaba – a traditional road cafe.”
“Street food, many dishes that you wouldnt get anywhere else but are da to day things in India.”
Saravana Bhavan:   “Dish(es) taste just like home. Inexpensive as well.”
Chennai Dosa:        “The food and price. ultumate value for money. Nice taste.”
Benares:                  “Food, ambience, location.”
Woodlands:             “South Indian fare and central location.”
Moti Mahal:             “Dish (butter chicken) and service.”
Veeraswamy:           “Ambiance, food.”
Gaylord:                  “Ambience reminiscent of old-style upscale Indian restaurants.”
Mumbai Junction:    “Authentic Indian food.”

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