London’s best comfort food

This week, we’re all about warming our cockles as the temperature takes a nose dive. Here’s some of London’s top comfort foods…


fondue fondue fondue


Not hitting the slopes? Make up for it with a hot pot of melted cheese, with all this snow you’ll barely notice the difference. Walluc in Shoreditch offers fondue and raclettes at an affordable £15 per person. Or try St Moritz, the oldest Swiss restaurant in London. Here there’s all sorts of different cheeses to choose from, as well as various different things to dip, from bread, to vegetables and hunks of meat.


If you’re going for pie in London, it needs to be from the city’s oldest shop: Manze’s on Tower Bridge Road in Peckham and in Sutton. Established in 1902, you can either eat in or take away at all Manze’s shops.




There’s nothing better than a boiling bowl of soup on a freezing cold day. Try Nincomsoup, which as the name suggests, specialises in the stuff, or Vital Ingredient for  healthy steaming pots to take away if you’re eating it desk-stylee.

Hot chocolate


For the real hot chocolate deal try Konditor & Cook. Their hot chocolate is handmade (not from a powder or machine). It’s a rich, creamy, smooth hot chocolate made with a blend of 70% and 53% dark chocolate, as well as real vanilla bean. Its £2.60 for a cup out or £2.85 to have in.


One of our ultimate comfort foods is a hot steaming bowl of veg and meat. In London, Persian restaurant Sufi is popular for its hearty stews.

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