London’s Organic Food Eateries

As it’s Organic Fortnight we’re showcasing London’s wholesome organic food stops, for a chemical-free bite to eat – just how nature intended it.




As the name suggests, all food served at this London eatery comes 100% as nature made it. So as well as being organic, it’s meat-free, sugar and dairy-free too.

Amico Bio



Claiming to be the first vegetarian-Organic-Italian restaurant in London, Amico Bio only uses fresh seasonal products. There’s also a range of vegan and gluten-free dishes on offer. The continental-inspired menu includes, 

We like the fact that Amico Bio also does a vegetarian Afternoon Tea (with an Italian twist, naturally!) Oh-so-often non meat eaters have to miss out on this three o’clock delight, but now this injustice is put to right with this zero animal, zero pesticide version.

Food for Thought

Bam in the middle of Covent Garden is popular veggie joint Food for Thought. Here you can grab healthy stealthy dishes for a very bargin price: such as this meal deal of a main and mixed salad (or main and dessert) for £8. Dishes include, Sweet Potato and Spinach Vinadloo, Turkish Aubergine and Bulghar Pilaf. We’re especially excited by the wheat-free (code for bloat-free) chocolate brownie, which is a steal at £2.




Bloomsbury- based Alara has a shop for your home organic-y goods and also a cafe with dishes cooked fresh from the in-house chef. Our mouths are watering just at the sound of Spinach Tortillas, Moroccan Bean Stew and the trusty veggie staples which we adore, Moussaka and Lasagna.




From the heart of Soho, Vitao aims to bring you fancy “gourmet” organic food dishes. These include Vegetable Paella, Thai Green Curry, Greek Salad with Cashew Mayo and Homemade Kimchee.

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