Ruby Tuesdays of London: cute cupcakes with a zero dairy twist

As Vegan Month draws to a close, MenuSpring meets Ruby Tuesdays of London: think beautiful tasty cupcakes that also have a dairy (and often sugar and wheat free) bonus.


The cakes

Most non-vegan people might be put off when they hear the term “vegan cake”, the stereotype that comes to mind is often some kind of brown, dry seeded lump masquerading as a cake. However, Ruby Tuesdays of London creates cupcakes that are just as delicious as a Hummingbird or a LOLA’s. The only difference is they don’t contain dairy.

As well as being 100 per cent vegan, and often gluten, sugar and nut-free, Ruby’s philosophy is that “Mother Nature knows best”, which is why all ingredients used are also natural.  All wheat flours used are 100% Organic and she always uses fair trade products. What surprising is that the costs stay down, these little beautes are no more pricey than any other artisan cupcake. For all these reasons, the bulk of Ruby’s clientele are not even vegan, she says they just come because they simply love the cakes!

Letting the seasons shape the products, there are new flavours available every few months. For winter, this includes Chocolate & Toasted Nuts, Chai Spiced Chocolate Chip, Mocha, and the most popular, Sicilian Fresh Lemon & Blueberry. And it’s not just about the cupcakes. There’s also rather stunning cakes and elegant desserts, such as the Baked Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, and in the sunnier months, the Summer Berry Tart.

If you try one of Ruby’s cakes you will be surprised at just how tasty and moist they are, there is no sacrifices made here. How does she do it? The recipe is secret of course, but Ruby says she finds the use of natural fruit purees and bananas the best to moisten eggless cakes.


The story

Ruby started up her cake business three-and-a-half years ago. A veggie since the age of 11, Ruby has always avoided egg and has been a vegan for the past five years. The baker says she struggled to find delicious sweet treats she could tuck into. Not satisfied with just a flapjack option, Ruby set it upon herself to create something exciting for those with a vegan diet, and voila! Ruby Tuesdays of London was born.

Juggling the stall whilst training to be a teacher, time was a challenge, and as her stall started to take off, Ruby realised she would have to choose one path. She chose cupcakes.

And here she is today, with a busy website business and a thriving weekend cake stall, with many regular customers coming to Greenwich from out of London to pick up their vegan treats. Although it’s a lot of hard work – getting up early to bake a batch of fresh cakes, cupcakes and biscuits, Ruby clearly loves what she does. And the effort clearly pays off – things are going well. But Ruby says this is just the beginning, with an ultimate aim to own her own cake shop in the city.

Of course these things take time, and while she aims towards this goal, Ruby’s next step will be another regular spot on a market. But there’s already been a wait. For example, spots in the prestigious Borough market (where Ruby aims to be), are few and far between: there’s a long waiting list and the criteria is very strict, with judges and taste tastes to pass before a vendor is given the go-ahead. Ruby is confident though and feels 2013 could be the year… We think it’s only a matter of time until Londoners wonder where vegan cupcakes have been all their lives…

You can find Ruby Tuesdays of London at Greenwich market every weekend, as well as online. Ruby and her sweet treats will also be at St Johns Hospice Christmas Fayre (St Johns Wood) this Sunday 2nd December and Islington Christmas Market 15-16th Dec.

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