Predicted Drink Trends 2014

What’s set to be the trending drink of 2014? Read on to find out what the London establishments are claiming you’ll be sipping this year.


Aloe Vera Juice

According to The Arch London, Aloe Vera juice is tipped to be 2014’s hottest health drink. So goodbye Coconut Water and hello to the mineral-rich juice. Claimed benefits include lowering cholesterol, aiding weight loss, combating bloating, and strengthening the immune system.

So if you’re doing dry Jan try the ‘Virgin Vera’ at The Arch London, part of a healthy range of luxury mocktails , which include a Blueberry & Raspberry Martini and a Pomegranate Dream.

Bubble Coffee

You’ve no doubt seen the Bubble Tea craze (originated in the streets of Taiwan in the 1980s) which has started to boom in London over the past few years. So in 2014 watch out for ‘Bubble Coffee’. Chew, a new high concept bubble tea brand will launch in Soho on the 17th of January.

Chew – the new take on freshly brewed coffee – is so called as it is literally the drink that you can eat. But if cwofee isn’t your thing, don’t fret – there’ll also be 30 fruit and milk-based bubble teas on offer.

Carbonated cocktails

Catering guru blog claims Carbonated cocktails are a growing trend – Flat Iron in Soho apparently have a range planned so watch this space.


The British love of tea has never been bigger, claims Find it in your cocktails (we love a dash of Earl Grey with our gin), find it in Bubble form (Bubble Tea places seem to be popping up left right and centre), tea added to smoothies is apparently also gunna be big – worth a try?

Savoury cocktails

There’s been hints of savoury cocktails on London bar menus and this year the trend looks set to grow. Secret Chelsea speakeasy Barts  are launching a Vinegar-infused cocktail menu – no wait! Not as gross as it sounds, the drinks include the Queen of Tarts, with home-made balsamic jam and Mon Cheri, with infused apple vinegar –  try it out.


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