Wild Pop Up At The Endurance

Meat eaters, brace your taste buds as Wild Game Co launch their three-month Soho pop up…



Following residencies from Pizza Pilgrims and Free Company, Wild Game Co are the latest pair of young cooks to pop up in the kitchen of The Endurance pub in Soho. The venue has launched “Food Spectrum” with the aim of giving up-and-coming chefs the springboard they need to test their skills and move forward in the competitive UK restaurant industry.

Like their Endurance chef predecessors, Wild Game Co aim to bring something new to the London food scene, trying to inject more fun, passion and interest to British Game. One half of the chef duo is Andy Waugh, launching the company himself, suppling and sourcing all the meat from his family’’s 30-year-old game-butchering business just north of Inverness. Andy partners up with passionate foodie and cook Ruaridh Emslie to create Wild Game Co.

The Food

Through their dishes, the pair aim to introduce people to cuts of meat they wouldn’t usually devour or cook for themselves, Ru tells MenuSpring. “Not many people would pop into the supermarket and buy some venison.”

According to Ru, it’s quality that sets Wild Game Co. apart. In terms of meat, the chefs know exactly where in the world it has come from, plus it’s always super fresh, he adds. What often lets other street food vendors down, he says, is the poor quality of certain parts of the dish. For example, the meat in a burger may be high quality and well cooked, but Ru claims it’s often spoilt by say, a cheap bap. Wild Game however bake their own bread and make their own condiments, to make sure that every aspect of the meal is delicious.

They’re obviously on to something, with the chefs scooping up the “‘Street Food of the Year’” title at The Young British Foodies Awards and  being shortlisted for the BBC Radio 4 Food & Farming Awards. Wild Game was also voted by The Evening Standard as one of the top five places to eat game in London.

This new Endurance stint is one of the chefs’ first residencies, following an eight month pop up as “Bonnie and Wild”, where the pair joined up with Bonnie Gull to offer a menu of seafood and game dishes.

The Endurance

The Wild Game Co.’s Endurance menu will be seasonal and constantly changing. Featuring large main dishes such as “Pulled Boar cooked in Honey, Soy Sauce and Star Anise”, “Loin of Venison Chateaubriand with Rosemary Potatoes” and “Sticky BBQ Ribs with Burnt Lettuce and Courgette”.

Smaller plates include: “Deep-fried Pheasant” or “Rabbit Hot ‘Wings”’ or “Warm Pigeon Salad with Caramelised Apple”. Unusual dishes include the pair’s signature “Venison Burger Dumplings”, (like dim sum like vessels containing all the ingredients of their popular venison burgers). In addition to a more simplified lunch menu, Andy and co. will serve up a Christmas menu, with starters including “Beetroot cured Smoked Salmon”, “Roast Pheasant with all the trimmings”, “Christmas Pudding” and “Cranberry Sorbet”.

When they’re not doing their thing at The Endurance, you can catch Wild Company at their weekly street food stalls at Whitecross, Street Feast Hackney, Broadway Market, and the Berwick Street Market, (it’s literally a stone’s throw from the pop up).

Word of Mouth

Each time we pay a visit to a London eatery, we ask them for their own London food spot suggestions. Here, Wild Game Co. share with us their ultimate three:

What’s your favourite London…

Restaurant: Morito tapas bar next to Moro restaurant – the food’s really good but not too expensive.
Street Food Stall: Pizza Pilgrims
Hole In The Wall: Candid Cafe, great for a coffee, tucked behind Angel tube stop away from the bustle of Upper Street.

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