Pillowy buns and succulent pork – we love Yum Bun

The Rainbo Food Truck crew tells MenuSpring why Yum Bun’s buns are their favourite London bite…


“One of the best things about working in street food is getting to choose from the ever growing, ever changing menu of wacky and wonderful creations from our fellow kerbside traders.

Every time you trade you can eat from pretty much all four corners of the world and on a really busy day, when just the right sustenance is of paramount importance, the choice can be overwhelming. But the one thing we will go anywhere for, no matter how far, is a Yum Bun.

Made by Lisa in her super steaming machine, the little pillowy buns of light, airy dough and succulent Chinese pork finished with cucumber, spring onion and drizzled with hoisin and Sriracha sauce, are everything we want – and after a long night’s trading we could happily put away at least three each. This is one food that does what it says on the tin… a very yum little bun.”

Post written by Rainbo Food Truck


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    As a purveyor and connoiseur of all things meaty and porky I have to say that these fluffy and meaty bun seem very very delicious – And a tangy sauce with chillies on standy is just what sets roast pork off – hats off to the yum bun!

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