Baking Week Cheats

It’s baking week – now that’s an excuse to cook and scoff sponge if we ever heard one! Although we’d love to while away hours in the kitchen mimicking the skills seen on The Great British Bake Off, as busy Londoners we just don’t all have the time. So we’ve found a few places where you can pick up the bakes featured on the programme but minus the stress and sweat, which means you really can have your cake and eat it…

Episode 9: Patisserie, Macaroons



The semi final was all about ze French food. We saw a few pretty darn fantastic macaroons and mini tarts being dished up, but all these are super fiddley and only for those with nimble fingers. Clumsy? Why not just admit defeat before you try and check out the (according to Time Out) best macaroons in london, including Bougie Macaron & Tea and Laduree.

Episode 8: Biscuits, The Gingerbread House

Creating a gingerbread house from scratch takes planning, effort and precision – you could spend a day cutting out and sticking together pieces of biscuit wall, or you could just order an IKEA-style ready-made house at The Gingerbread House.

Episode 7: Sweet Dough, Doughnuts



Many of the bakers struggled with the doughnut technical challenge, getting their balls to puff up enough and avoiding a jam disaster. If you don’t fancy a doughnut palava, St John’s Bakery, Maltby Street is renound in London for its light, creamy custard-filled doughnuts, according to Time Out they are well worth making a bee-line for!

Episode 6: Puddings, Sponge puddings


The Penny Black prides itself on its homemade style puds, so why even bother putting yourself through the effort chez toi when you can get a perfectly delicious dollop of custard here!

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