Nice: Doing lent in London

Giving up something you love is never easy, we want to help! Here’s some eating-out ideas for those of you who are taking part in lent.




It’s a toughie if you’re addicted to the sweet stuff. Again, this doesn’t mean missing out on that all-important dosage of cake. London is now bursting with sugar-free offerings, there’s Ruby Tuesdays of London - catch her at Greenwich market over the weekends, Piece of Cake in Selfridges food hall, Camden-based Cookies and Scream are both dairy-free bakeries offering sugar-free alternatives.


Head to Otto in West London – they do a gluten free pizza. WAGfree in Brixton is also a sit-in gluten free bakery where you can grab sandwiches, pies and breads.


When you’ve given up diary, it seems to be in almost everything. Don’t miss out on that coffee and cake fix – head to 42 Raw in Burlington Gardens.



You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to frozen yoghurt in the city, with Itsu, Chillbox, Snog and Yog to name a few.


It can be hard as a crisp addict to give these up, but LEON takeaway restaurants sell bags of deliciously flavoured corn.


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